The Characters of Trixie Belden

This is how I picture the main characters from the Trixie Belden books, as they'd appear all grown up and in my 'Tomorrow' universe.


Trixie Belden

Honey Wheeler

Diana Lynch

Brian Belden

Mart Belden

Bobby Belden

 image 1
Dan Mangan

Jim Frayne

Mr. Maypenny


Okay for those who are interested, the actors who's likeness I've borrowed are:
Trixie Belden = Meg Ryan
Honey Wheeler = Kim Raver
Diana Lynch = Elizabeth Taylor
Brian Belden = Jeffrey Meek
Mart Belden = Simon Baker (Thanks, Cinta, for identifying him!)
Bobby Belden = Justin Hartley
Dan Mangan = Steve Bacic
Jim Frayne = James Tupper
Mr. Maypenny = John Anderson

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