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This is a fan fiction site for the Trixie Belden Mystery series, a juvenile fiction series written by Julie Campbell and Kathryn Kenny. All characters, etc., remain the property of Random House publishing. No profit is made from the stories on this site.

The intention for my universe is to have three sections - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Yesterday will deal with events taking place before "The Secret of the Mansion," which I say takes place in 1975. Today will deal with events taking place during the course of the written books. Since that 1 1/2 to 2 year period is already rather full, there won't be many entries in that section. Tomorrow will be everything after the books - taking the characters from teenagers to adults. Stories are listed in chronological order according to when they take place, not according when they were written. This is primarily a traditional universe, with the standard pairings of Jim and Trixie, Brian and Honey, Mart and Di. However, I never really accepted the pairing of Dan and Hallie, so in my universe, they're just friends.


Fathers, Legends and Heros - Dan's story (May 1969). This is rated Blue Star, for all ages. What were Dan Mangan's father and mother like? What kind of relationship did they have with Dan? How did they die and leave Dan all alone? This story seeks to answer these questions.

I'll Take You Home Again Part One (1975). This is rated Yellow Star for adult situations; mild adult language; mild sexual situations or non-explicit descriptions; some violence or non-graphic descriptions. This does include adolescent sexuality and child abuse. If you may find this offensive, don't read this story. Dan has lost the only home he's ever known and fallen into some bad company. Can he ever find his way out of trouble and make a new home?


I'll Take You Home Again Part Two (February 1976). This is rated Blue Star, for all ages. Dan is still trying to find himself again, and make a new home with this uncle the courts have located. This story is a re-telling of #8 "The Black Jacket Mystery," told from Dan's point of view.

Sleepyside Christmas (December 1976) This is rated Blue Star, for all ages. Dan's first Christmas in Sleepyside - he needs to deal with new friends, a new family, and new traditions.


Anybody interested in seeing my version of the main characters, all grown up and as they'd appear in my "Tomorrow" universe? I've posted pictures here! (Updated 6/21/07 to include Mr. Maypenny and a shirtless Dan!)

I'll Be Seeing You (June/September 1979) This story is rated Yellow Star for some violent situations. Dan's life is going well, finally. But what happens when he runs into an old 'friend' from the streets of New York?

All Hallow's Eve (October 1980) - a story for the 2006 Halloween Challenge. This is rated Blue Star, for all ages. The girls have joined the boys at college, and are feeling the spirits move them!

Irish Blessings (Spring 1985) This story is rated Purple Star for some mild adult language and references to sensitive situations. Dan has made his way onto the New York City Police Force, just like he's always wanted. But things aren't necessarily going as he'd like. He gets tapped for a special mission ... what will that mean for his life - assuming he doesn't get killed!

A New Son (1985, immediately after Irish Blessings) Dan is beginning a new family of his own, starting with a new foster son. He's got his eyes on a special woman too! This story turned out to be too long to post all at once, so I broke it into chapters:

  • Chapter One This chapter is rated Blue Star, for all ages.
  • Chapter Two This chapter is rated Red Star, for explicit references to sexual abuse of a child.
  • Chapter Three This chapter is rated Blue Star, for all ages.
  • Chapter Four This chapter is rated Yellow Star, for mild violence.
  • Chapter Five The end of the story. This chapter is rated Blue Star, for all ages.

My Family/Your Family Thanksgiving and Christmas 1985! See Dan meet Vicki's family, and Ryan learn how to be a child again! This story is written as a giftfic for the annual Secret Santa story exchange, as a gift for the marvelous BonnieH. Rated Blue Star, for all ages.

This story doesn't really fit into this universe, and may be the beginning of a whole new universe for me. It was written for PatK for the Secret Santa exchange for Christmas 2007. I hope you enjoy The Best Christmas. Rated Blue Star for all ages.

Trixie Belden and The Mystery of The Phoenix

In honor of my first Jixaversary, I've started a whole new universe. This one needs just a little explanation before getting into the first story, so please go to Trixie Belden and the Mystery of The Phoenix introduction.

If you prefer to skip straight to the story, go to Chapter One of Trixie Belden and the Mystery of the Phoenix Rated Blue Star for all ages.

Chapter Two: Who Are You? is up and ready for your pleasure. Rated Blue Star for all ages.

Chapter Three: A New Fear is now ready for your reading pleasure. Rated Red Star for violence and suggested sexual situations. You'll need the magic words to read!

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